The municipal elections are right around the corner


Dear friends of the Vaudreuil-Sur-Le-Lac woodland, 

The municipal elections are right around the corner (November 7th 2021), and your vote is crucial to ensure that the steps already taken to save our forest continue to take place. Therefore our group will use this occasion to remind you of certain facts.

The current mayor, Mr. Philip Lapalme, alongside the current municipal council elected in December 2020, have always acted in a transparent and collaborative manner to save our woods. Even throughout the pandemic, there have been solid developments and we are now close to saving the woods. This would be at risk if any other mayor comes to replace Mr. Philip Lapalme, as their track record may not coincide with that of saving the woods, regardless of what is being promised by them or others. 

Two members of the group have in fact been invited to participate in the first committee for the protection of the woods of VSLL meeting in May 2021 to discuss the necessary step to insure the protection of this natural habitat. Since then, many other exchanges have taken place. For example, the municipality received professional evaluations of the fair market value of the targeted areas of development. Meetings with the current owners of this land also took place, to negotiate an acquisition of said land. Other meetings have taken place with the Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) to validate their intention to finance 2/3 of the fair market value of the land. All in all, the advancement towards saving our woods is considerable, and it is imperative that we keep up this momentum by keeping the same people in place.

If you sometimes feel as though things aren’t moving fast enough, or that there is only little detail on the development, do not be alarmed. Transactions of this nature don’t happen publicly. Nevertheless, we are confident that as soon as an arrangement is concluded with the land owners, it will be shared with everyone. 

We therefore wish to reiterate our support for Mr. Philip Lapalme and his current advisors, as electing someone else may risk losing our momentum and go back to square one. On November 7th, please help us save our woods by voting back in the first person to concretely make steps towards protecting the woodlands. Until then, please share with your neighbors and friends these facts. 

Facts & Comments To Share:

– Having these woods will keep our community healthier. 

– Taxes will not go up drastically from buying this land, as 2/3 will be financed by an external organization.

– On the contrary this will increase the long term value of all property on Vaudreuil-Sur-Le-Lac, given the fact we would remain one of the only towns with such a large natural park. 

– If the woods are not saved, the plans are to build condos there, which will most likely devalue the entire town, and potentially increase taxes due to needing more amenities for the growing population.